Waterproofing Applications

After a long time in the construction field (ISO 9001)  and having also high level technical education in Germany, and modern mechanical and measuring equipment, we are able to deliver long lasting waterproofing solutions in any kind of waterproofing project, no matter how challenging the project is! 

    • Technical solutions such as: 
        • Bitumen Sheet Systems
        • Liquid Applied Waterproofing Systems(ETAG 005)
        • Polyurea Systems
        • TPO-PIB-PVC Roofing Membranes Systems 

are used in V.M.S projects.

    • We are able to deliver high quality waterproofing solution in critical building areas like:
      • green roofs
      • flat roofs
      • balconies
      • roads
      • bridges
      • parking  decks
      • expansion joints
      • artificial lakes
      • fountains
      • pools
      • wet rooms