Flat Roof Insulation Applications


  • We are able to offer to our clients the proper technical solution, choosing among globally well known insulating and waterproofing systems such as::
    • Spray Rigid Polyurethane Foam
    • XPS-EPS
    • Bitumen Sheets
    • Liquid Waterproofing Systems
    • Polyurea Systems
    • TPO-PIB-PVC Roofing Membranes Systems
  • We study each case individually and we focus on specific sectors such as building construction details, system’s duration, architect and clients wishes and we always provide the best technical solution
  • Regardless of the technical solution, long term duration (ISO 9001) is guaranteed by: 
    • constant quality control, during the application procedure by certified energy engineers
    • modern mechanical equipment (both for application and quality control)
    • certified applicators with constant technical education(DinCertco)-(ISO/IEC 17024)